Concert Works

Below you'll find info and recordings for a few of my concert works. If you're super curious, there's also a complete list of my works.


for cello and orchestra
Commissioned by: NUMUS Concerts and the Wilfrid Laurier University Faculty of Music


for saxophone and piano
Commissioned by: Allison Balcetis, Sandra Joy Friesen, and William Street

In three movements:
I - Sonder (solo tenor sax)
II - Opia (alto sax and piano)
III - Adrontis (alto sax and piano; forthcoming)

an Interlude between two nothings

for chamber ensemble, solo piano, electric guitar, and fixed electronics
Commissioned by: Ensemble Paramirabo, Sandra Joy Friesen

In six movements:
I - inflation (chamber ensemble and fixed electronics)
II - destruction I (electric guitar)
III - formations I (chamber ensemble)
IV - destruction I (electric guitar)
V - formations II (solo piano)
VI - destruction I (electric guitar)

Three Bridges

for violin, saxophone, percussion, and piano
Commissioned by: Thin Edge New Music Collective


for solo marimba
Commissioned by: Caution Tape Sound Collective


for percussion quartet and any number of pitched instruments
Commissioned by: TorQ Percussion Quartet, and Toy Piano Composers


for oboe, clarinet (or alto flute), violin, percussion, and piano
Commissioned by: Thin Edge New Music Collective

Strata II

for flute and guitar
Commissioned by: soundSCAPE festival

Strata III

for vibraphone and piano
Commissioned by: Atlantic Music Festival


for violin, cello, percussion, and piano
Written for the Arraymusic Young Composer's Workshop


for string quartet

The Wake of Progress

for orchestra

In four movements:
I - Deda Chicken Processing Plant
II - Los Angeles Interchange
III - Three Gorges Dam
IV - Oxford Tire Pile


for string quartet


for saxophone quartet

Guitar Quartet no. 1